Pastor Jermaine Johnston’s journey is a testament to the divine call that’s been evident since his adolescent years when his family relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Ypsilanti, MI. Those who knew him during those formative years recognized something special about him, often referring to him as the little preacherand sensing that God’s hand is on you, boy!”

   Raised by his single mother, Pastor J grew up at St. James COGIC in Ypsilanti, where his early encounters with God’s miraculous power left an indelible mark. Despite being a devoted church drummer for over 20 years, he was initially known as the reluctant preacherbecause, despite everyone’s expectations, he had no desire to preach the gospel

    In November 2005, Pastor J married his childhood friend, Lena (Massey) Johnston, and they have been blessed with three children, adding to their beautifully blended family of six

    It was a transformative moment when Pastor J, along with his wife, attended a service at Burning Bush International Ministries (Willow Run High School). In that moment, he decided to stop running from his calling and dedicated his life wholly to Christ

   Under the guidance of then Pastor Don W. Shelby, Jr., Eld. Johnston served as an armorbearer, observing, learning and growing spiritually. In 2008, he was licensed as a ministerand in 2010, he was ordained as an elder by Bishop John H. Sheard. His dedication to the ministry led to his appointment as an Assistant Pastor in 2015

     In the summer of 2016, Eld. J had a profound encounter with God, where the word launchwas spoken to him during prayer. He sought confirmation from his spiritual father, which was granted. With this divine confirmation, he said YESto the Lord’s call to step out and launch his ministry. After a period of prayer and fasting, God revealed His plan for the ministry, and despite initial reservations about the name, Berea City of Hopewas birthed in August 2016

   Over the past seven years, Pastor Jermaine Johnston has been an instrument in the hands of God to snatch countless souls from the grips of hell, reunite broken families, to be a father to the fatherless, and to shine as a beacon of hope in the Ypsilanti community.”